Wisconsin Thematic Map

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This sample is created from a small (1.5 MB) SHP format file, with attributes containing various data, of the country boundaries in the State of Wisconsin. This sample shows the following functionality:

  • A colored-gradient value theme reflecting an attribute value information (see total forest area and total farm area)
  • Presentation of bar (number of farms and price per acre) and pie charts (forest types) to illustrate the relative composition of data
  • Legend possibilities
  • Multiple labels with appearance set-up (presenting county names, population count, number of cows, number of farms, price per acre)
  • Querying based on a numeric attribute value range (see the Analysis option)
  • Querying based on text attribute information (see Find County function)
  • DrawScope functionality (to zoom in to a set zoom level centered on the selected county)
  • Presentation, in table form, of the attributes that are associated with a selected vector
  • Zooming in/out, centering, panning