Join and Chart

General API samples

This sample demonstrates how to join the map to a database in order to present values from the database as pie/bar charts on the map. This join operation is to a SQLite, but the sample is also applicable to joining to other SQL server database products. This sample is a replica of the DK-ActiveX JoinAndChart sample which is found in the DK Sample Set #2. The ASP.NET source code for this sample is provided below.

Select one of the options (such as population, forest area, etc.) in the first drop down menu to render the sizes of the pie or bar charts based on the values from the database for the selected item. Select one of the options in the second drop down menu to color-render the charts to reflect the values of two types of data. The first option in the drop down menu represents the total population values with red color and the metropolitan population values with green color. The second option renders the land areas used for agriculture wth red color and the land areas used for forestry with green colors. The third drop down menu allows the user to select between the use of pie or bar charts.